Our end-of-year “Books we Adore” list!

As a new company in the workplace learning category we’ve been inspired by some incredible thinkers, writers and researchers. As the year comes to a close we asked our two co-founders to share their top ten (five each) go-to books.

The Power of Relevant, Relatable and Real-time Learning in the Flow of Work

Traditional approaches to learning, such as formal training sessions or e-learning modules, have their merits, but they often lack the relevance and relatability needed to truly engage employees in today’s ever-evolving world of work.  This is where the concept of

Building a Thriving Learning Culture

Introduction: In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, organizations must prioritize the development of a learning culture to drive success.  Nigel Paine, renowned learning and leadership expert, highlights four crucial elements that contribute to the creation of a thriving learning culture:

Unlocking the Power of Informal Learning and Collaboration in a Hybrid Work Environment

The irreversible shift to a hybrid work model is presenting organizations with unique challenges in fostering workplace learning and collaboration.  While remote work offers its advantages, the absence of face-to-face interactions has disrupted the critical informal encounters that were once

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