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Elevate Hybrid Learning with Playlists

With Slick+, seamlessly guide your hybrid team through complex topics, step-by-step training, and comprehensive onboarding with structured video playlists.

Keep your team’s skills current with playlists for ongoing training and professional development. Tailor playlists to specific roles, departments, or projects, ensuring relevant knowledge is delivered just in time.

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Discover Knowledge with Topics

Unlock the full potential of hybrid teams collective intelligence with Slick+ Topics feature. Easily find and filter related content, ensuring they access the most relevant information when needed. 

By categorizing videos into intuitive topics, your team can navigate the knowledge repository with ease, enhancing their learning experience and productivity.

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Unlock Learning Insights with AI Powered Analytics

Track the learning engagement of your hybrid teams, understand the impact of your training programs. With detailed metrics and actionable insights, optimize your learning initiatives and effective knowledge sharing.

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How Slick+ Transforms Hybrid Training

Capture the knowledge walking around in peoples’ heads

Easily solve the most common challenges in the new hybrid and asynchronous world of work by effectively onboarding, mentoring and upskilling employees no matter where they are located.

Supercharge compliance & adoption

Boost corporate directives and policies with relevant, real-time and relatable short-format videos explaining why they matter and how to execute them in a context your employees understand. Access and evaluate the data that shows how you're doing.

From knowledge leakage to knowledge diffusion

Be more competitive and prevent costly knowledge leakage while achieving more cost-effective onboarding and upskilling via the searchable repository of know-how that stays in-house, even when employees move on.

Transformation through innovation

Enable collaboration and innovation to flourish through a platform built to transform talented individuals to highly functioning teams. Create a culture of continuous upskilling and human connection in the flow of work.

Integration ad infinitum

Slick+ integrates seamlessly with M365, MS Teams, SharePoint, major LMS, and intranet platforms, continually expanding its range of integrations.

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Frequently asked questions

Does SlickPlus have GEN-AI functionality?

Slick Plus uses GPT4 from ChatGPT with a specific parameter that generates a prompter text for slick scripts based on text inputs. For example, if you enter your project brief and ask Slick for a two minute script to load into the teleprompter that will happen in an instant; likewise a few bullet points (or even a single phrase) can be transformed into a two minute script which the slick creator can review and edit before going live. This is especially useful for users that are short on time, not familiar with drafting scripts or are not native English speakers.

Where can I access information about how Slick+ was developed or tested?

The Local Enterprise Office, Sligo sponsored research carried out on the feasibility of Slick+. 50 medium and large-sized organizations were surveyed with a number of in-depth interviews carried out with L&D professionals in these organizations. The report of this research may be downloaded here. Focus groups and usability testing was facilitated by the Irish Institute of Digital Business (DCU) who said of the groups: “They were overwhelmingly positive about the idea behind the app, and its features and functionalities - All saw its value.”

Can videos be limited to specific users (for privacy considerations)?

Yes - permissions may be set for different user groups in accordance with the preferences of each organization.

Can Slick+ integrate with our existing platforms?

Slick+ can be used as a standalone - or you can connect it with your existing learning Ecosystem via our open API. We believe in using commonly accepted standards of interoperability and quality.

How do I get employees to adopt Slick+?

You’ll be working with one of our customer success team members to guide you through the best practices needed to get strong adoption in your organization. They will help you with the set up and guide you through our onboarding process so that your employees find it easy to get up and running and understand the benefits of using Slick+. It won’t take long for people to see the benefit for themselves - and you and your employees will start to see the rewards of Slick+ within 60-90 days.

Does Slick+ work in all languages?

Yes it does! Slick+ auto translates to and from 60 languages. Future versions will focus on further improvements to multi-lingual Slick+ sites so that every employee creates and consumes slicks in their preferred language.

Who sets the standards for the information being shared through Slicks?

Slick+ allows you to unleash the power of your employees. As part of the onboarding process, we will help you to develop guidelines for participating in the platform that suit your organization. Some organizations may opt to give full freedom to employees to create and share slicks - while others may choose to implement an internal approval system which allows line managers to approve slicks before sharing.

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